The Worth Of A Soul

A plant doesn’t have a soul;
neither do trees, flowers and bees;
snakes, birds and fishes don’t either,
all they have is a spark.

But I’m not so sure about the humans,
because more often than not,
they let their animal instincts go wild.

So how do people stop acting like savages?
Is there anyone who knows;
is there Someone—
who can really save our souls?

By: ElRoyPoet © 2023

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The nature of evil in games: the origin of chaos and control

Commentary: You can’t claim temporary insanity or road rage. If you have the genetic capability to let common sense go and do atrocious things that give you pleasure, you can’t claim that you are no longer able to apply the breaks because the governor in your brain is not willing. All it means, is that you’re willing to forfeit your life and the lives of others just so that you can experience that high, buzz or adrenaline rush, whatever, right now.

“In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” By: Brennan Manning

“The devil will remind you over and over again, of your past. Because he knows, that the day you stop feeling sorry for yourself, he has no future with you. Holding on to old grudges will not remove the pain in your brain. Only Jesus can change your life, if you allow him into your heart.” By: ElRoyPoet, 2021

Why are so Many People Neurotic?—Carl Jung as Therapist

Why the Lack of Religion Breeds Mental Illness

One thought on “The Worth Of A Soul

  1. I think that people are neurotic because of the lack of religion. It’s something that our brains need to function, in order to make sense of the world and make decisions based on what is best for ourselves and our families. Without religion, we would all be uncontrollable and would do things that would hurt other people.


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